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Dog Days is proud to provide top quality grooming services to our customers.  From bathing and grooming, nail trimming to ear cleaning, our grooming department is fully equipped to leave your dog looking and feeling maahvelous. Our dog groomer has a delicate touch and will do whatever possible to make the grooming process easy on your dog.

All services are available by appointments throughout the day to eliminate long waits in a cage, and most visits last around two to three hours. Grooming may also be scheduled while your dog is staying at Dog Days for daycare or overnight boarding. Please ask in advance for any information regarding this service. 

Please note that all dogs are different, and the grooming rate is based on the dog's size, breed type, coat condition (e.g. matting), and level of grooming needed.

To schedule a grooming appointment, call:
651-699-3905 for the Grand Ave salon
651-291-2667 for the University Ave (Capitol) salon
651-642-9663 for the Vandalia salon

Luke groom pg.jpg
 Puppy's first haircut

Puppy's first haircut