Dog Days
safe, clean, loving care by the day or overnight




Wendy with Bailey, Meg, and Murphy

Our Philosophy is making sure every dog has its day, everyday 

At Dog Days, we believe every dog should receive the highest levels of personal attention. Care and understanding of their special needs. And love second only to your own. In other words, keeping your dog happy and healthy is more than just a credo; it’s what drives us day in and day out. Being dog lovers and owners ourselves, that sort of commitment just comes naturally. But don’t take our word for it. Check out your dog’s wagging tail the next time you drop him off. 

Wendy Harter, owner
Wendy has surrounded herself with dogs, cats and horses, all her life. After several years in the corporate world, including a stay at 3M as a packaging engineer, she decided to sniff out a different career, so to speak.

With the purchase of Dog Days in 2004, Wendy has been able to realize her passion for helping dogs and the people who love them. Her two previous Wheaten Terriers, Bailey and Murphy, helped drive the business, but have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She is now the proud dog mom to Meg, a Wheaten, Luke, a Goldendoodle, as well as a cat, Crosby, who thinks he’s a dog.